Chili Cook Off 2016

Boucher Commercial Real Estate

Lighthouse Point, Florida, U.S.A.

design for print & web.

One-sided Flyer. This design was readapted into an Yard Sign, and A-frame Sign, and an 11x17 poster.

Current first screen at

Event Website Development - Chili Cook Off

The client wanted a simple, easily updatable website that could function for several installments of the same event. The Chili Cook Off website was developed as a sign up and information portal for the event. Goers could check out the available events, the sign up requirements and rules, including PayPal integration for payment.

Homepage, live at It has been updated for the prospective 2017 edition of the event

Chili Cook Off Sign Up, live at Example of an Info + Sign-Up page including PayPal Integration.