portfolio / design for print


This project presented two peculiarities. First, the inspiration for the background came from a video commissioned by the company for an ad campaign. Since this print needed to be in high quality in order to preserve the color as it would be backlit, the screenshot chosen from the video had to be illustrated Using Adobe Illustrator, I recreated the scene and hence, we could export this file at any DPI necessary for printing.

Taxi top mock-up.  Not an actual photograph.

The second hard task was to match the colors of the backlit piece to what was presented on screen. A high-quality photo paper version was printed and approved to serve as a control. By comparing the control and vinyl print tests and adjusting the file’s contrast and brightness, we were able to match the color wanted when backlit and move forward with production. This taxi top was mounted on 20 taxis and circled around Panama City for 60 days in a marketing effort to increase sales of the Andromeda properties during its development. The taxi company and area was chosen to attract the targeted audience.